EdgeOut "Basic" Camping Trailer

Item No.EDG-TR
The  EdgeOut Offroad Trailer  in the basic verison is the perfect choice for adventure seekers looking for an exceptional offroad experience. With its outstanding design, it combines style and functionality in a unique way. The highlight of this trailer is undoubtedly the outdoor kitchen w
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Specifications and Dimensions

Material: PE-LLD 

Weight: 750kg 

Load capacity: 550kg

Total weight: 1300kg 

Mattress: 2000mm (L) x 1450mm (W) x 140mm (H)


Basic framework of the basic variant

Outer shell produced by rotary printing process

Ladder frame with Knott braking and towing technology

110L water tank with 12V water pump

Rear outrigger option when stationary

Large roof rack for accessories

Hella reversing lights

2x 235/65/R16 all-season AT tires with 16" rims

Family friendly





EdgeOut - Basic


1) DC/DC charge controller 12V 9A

2) 80 AH AGM battery

3) 12V safety box

4) USB/12V sockets

In the basic version of the EdgeOut trailer, 12V and AGM offer the possibility to use all basic power devices such as interior lights or electronics in the rear.


EdgeOut - Basic

Interior design 

The EdgeOut trailer inspires with a comfortable and functional interior. A mosquito net at the entrance keeps pesky bugs out, while storage nets and sliding windows in the doors provide pleasant ventilation.

 A generous mattress, reading lights, USB ports, 230V power outlets and practical storage spaces make the trailer the perfect companion for adventures and travel.

Safety is ensured with the fire extinguisher, and a blackout panoramic window offers a breathtaking view. The EdgeOut trailer: your home on the road.

EdgeOut - Basic 

exterior design 

The exterior of the EdgeOut trailer inspires with extensive equipment for relaxed travel and camping. A spacious storage box for gas bottle and accessories as well as a practical shore power connection provide comfort.

The DC-DC charging port and solar connections allow easy charging on the road and sustainable energy generation. Water supply with water tank connection and outdoor shower is guaranteed. Practical details such as storage areas, maneuvering handles and side lighting complete the well thought-out exterior.

The EdgeOut Trailer is perfectly equipped for unforgettable outdoor adventures.

EdgeOut - Basic

 kitchen deisgn 

The EdgeOut Trailer outdoor kitchen is perfect for outdoor cooking!

With a pull-out kitchen bar, faucet with sink, lighting, USB ports, 230V outlets, and a Dometic double gas stove, it has everything you need to cook and enjoy outdoors.

 The storage space under the kitchen ledge is perfect for stowing a cooler!

Practical and well thought out!

Für GanzE


Der EdgeOut Anhänger lässt sich auch schnell und einfach zum Familien-Mobil umfunktionieren, indem man ein Dachzelt oben auf die bereits vorhandenen Dachträger setzt. Somit reicht der Platz mindestens für 4-6 Personen (z.B. jeweils beide Elternteile und ein Kind).

Hier: Mit dem James Baroud Odyssey in grau und der James Baroud Seitenmarkise - perfektes Setup für einen Campingausflug für die gesamte Familie. 

You want more? 
Finde suitable accessories

  • AGM battery

  • Lithium battery

  • Spare wheel

  • Cooling box

  • Parking heater

  • Hot water boiler

  • Solar panel on the roof

  • Folding panel

  • Roof tents

  • Awning

  • Shower cabin