Bundle "More Air" Kompressor 160L with IndeFlate 2 Hose System with Manometer

Item No.B-TM-KM-IND-01
With this version of the bundle you get the 160LPM compressor and the Indeflate 2 hose system with analog pressure gauge. This means you are perfectly equipped for your next off-road trip and even flat tires are no longer a problem! Thanks to Indeflate, inflation is even easier and faster.
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160 LPM Compressor

With an output of 160 liters of air per minute, the 160 compressor is generously dimensioned and also suitable for inflating large off-road tires relatively quickly. The maximum pressure is 10.3 bar (150 PSI). With carrying handle for easy handling.

The compressor is connected directly to the battery using two insulated crocodile clips and switched on and off using a switch. The maximum current consumption under load is 45 amps. Maximum performance is achieved with the engine running and under a voltage of 13.8 volts. The sound pressure level in normal operation is 93 db(A).
Air can be released from the connected tire via a valve on the compressor.

The compressor is equipped with an electronic fuse to protect against overload, so there is no need to change the fuse in the event of an overload. The compressor can be switched on and off via a switch and there is no need to disconnect it from the battery to switch it off, as is the case with compressor 72. The electronic fuse integrated in the compressor and the on/off switch also make the compressor ideal for permanent installation in vehicles.


Net weight: 7.6 kg

Gross weight: 8.5 kg

Dimensions with bag: 34 x 24 x 24 (in cm)

Dimensions without bag: 33 x 15 x 22 (in cm)

Advantages compared to compressor 72 LPM:

Air release valve

Significantly higher air output

Insulated connection terminals


What is Indeflate?

The Indeflate System is a device that allows two tires to be inflated or deflated simultaneously and automatically equalizes the pressure between the two tires as soon as they are connected. The device is manufactured in South Africa and has been proven to withstand the forces of nature and survive the toughest of journeys.

The Indeflate system has been designed to be easy to use so that it can be used by anyone - from service stations to ordinary motorists stuck with a flat tire next to the road.

The Indeflate system is primarily used by 4x4 and overlanding drivers, but thanks to its multifunctionality it can also be used in numerous other areas.

  • The housings of the Indeflate system are made of aluminum and are precisely machined to ensure the highest quality. After machining, the housings undergo a hard anodizing process to a mil-specification, making them highly durable and scratch resistant

  • The system features a 700kpa/100psi combination pressure gauge manufactured by a world leader in high quality pressure and temperature measurement products

  • Two 3m long air hoses are included, which are highly flexible and easy to handle. They are abrasion and ozone resistant and suitable for pressures up to 2000kpa (300psi) and temperatures from -10°C to 60+°C

  • The Indeflate system's patented deflation valve system allows for quick and easy inflation, deflation and equalization of two tires

  • The system's clip-on liners enable simple and secure connection to the tire valves

  • A robust and durable carrying bag is included for convenient storage