Our upgraded rooftop tent features a new design, heating and solar panel connection, and much more! Rooftop tents are the perfect camping solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy nature without worrying about bugs, rain, or other weather conditions. They can be set up quickly and provide protection from any weather. The Gen 3-R is the ideal solution for campers, overlanders, or general travelers!

The LT-50 rooftop tent is extremely lightweight, providing new possibilities for your vehicle. It unfolds in seconds and features a 30 kg load capacity on top, while also allowing you to store your bedding inside. The Alu-Cab roof tent stands out due to its lightweight construction, made of high-strength aluminum, making it easy to set up and transport. Its compact, streamlined design minimizes wind resistance during travel, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor adventure.

If you own a rooftop tent, having the right accessories is crucial to get the most out of your equipment. Alu-Cab offers a wide range of accessories including backrests, dropdown tables, shoe bags and much more. These accessories are not just for upgrading, but also necessary for basic equipment such as crossbars, appropriate feet, and specialized mounts. In the camping and travel equipment category, you'll find everything you need to optimize your rooftop tent setup with Alu-Cab accessories.

Total weight: 50kg

Dimensions: 1261 x 2258mm

Maximum additional load: 30kg

Material: Aluminum

Streamlined profile

New rollform on the roof

Ripstop canvas fabric

Foam mattress (60mm)

Three openings

Lightweight construction

T-slot rails on the bottom

Surrounded by C-rails

Rain cover

VW Transporter

Experience the ultimate camping comfort with an extremely lightweight car roof tent on your VW Transporter - the Alu-Cab LT-50!

Mercedes GLC

Easily and quickly mount the Lightweight with Alu-Cab crossbars on your car like the Mercedes GLC.

Toyota Hilux

Whether on driver's cab or additional canopy, the LT-50 fits without problems on every Toyota Hilux and pick-up.

Total weight: 76kg

Dimensions: 1400 x 2300mm

Maximum additional load: 30kg

Material: Aluminum

Gas pressure assisted design

New roll form on the roof  

Ripstop canvas fabric

Foam mattress (70mm)

Three openings  

LED interior lighting

Connection for solar panel and parking heater

Side rain cover

More aerodynamic shape  

To extend the life of your roof tent, it's important to store and maintain it properly. Here are some steps you should follow:

1. thoroughly clean the tent before storing it to remove any dirt, dust or moisture. It is best to use water, soapy water or a special cleaner for tent fabrics to do this.

2. If you are going to store the tent for a long time, it is important to take all possible precautions to avoid condensation. To do this, remove the mattress and store it in a dry place. Air out the tent on a dry day before closing it and try to open the tent occasionally for ventilation.

3. To keep the waterproofing stable, it is recommended to use a waterproofing spray for the canvas fabric. Be sure to make sure that the spray is suitable for organic materials. Follow the instructions of the spray and repeat the process until the desired result is achieved.

4. store the roof tent in a dry place where it is protected from the weather. A garage or carport is a good choice.

5. make sure the roof tent is locked in the closed position to avoid damage or wear.

6. periodically check the seams for wear and leaks and use seam sealer as needed to ensure they remain tight.

7. Clean the aluminum tray with soap and water. If insect residue is present, you may use an insect remover. Avoid aggressive cleaners that could ruin the impregnation.

8. Lubricate all moving parts with a multi-function spray such as WD-40 to protect them from corrosion.

9.Treat the electrical parts of the roof tent with a contact spray to make sure they stay in good shape.