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Jeremy Bergh founded Alu-Cab Cape Town (H/O) in 2002 based on his passion for nature and off-road. After years of dealing with inconvenient canopies in the service sector Jeremy wanted to produce a canopy that is practical as well as easy to handle. Today Alu-Cab stands for high-quality aluminium canopies for commercial use, off-road and adventures.

Besides canopies that are produced in series, Alu-Cab builds custom-made and fully equipped expedition- and traveller-vehicles in every size for Jeep as well as for Unimog and even for big trucks. Vehicles with Alu-Cab products are travelling all roads of Africa, supporting the excellent brand-image. Not only because of that almost every lessor of four-wheel campers in South Africa swears by the Alu-Cab canopies.


The unique selling point for the Alu-Cab canopies is their material. They are made almost exclusively out of aluminium, what makes them durable and still very lightweight. Thanks to the C-rails equipping the inside with additional cupboards is easy. The two big side hatches and the one in the back guarantee a good access to the inside. Because of the stable construction there is not only storage space in but also on top of the canopy.

There are two designs of Alu-Cab canopies: The Explorer 3 and the Adventure 3. The tailgate of the Explorer covers the whole back, whereas for the tailgate of the Adventure there is space on both sides of it to enable the mounting of a ladder, a jerry can holder or gas tank brackets.

The installation of the canopy can be done without any additional drilling for nearly every type of vehicle. After professional installation the canopy is waterproof and can be removed within five minutes.

Rooftop tents

The Expedition 3 is a rooftop tent with an outside made exclusively out of aluminium. This provides high stability as well as insensitivity to corrosion, UV radiation or stone chips. On top of that the tent can easily be individualized by simply screwing on headlamps, antennas or solar units. Opening the tent is easy thanks to the gas pressure springs and after that you can enter it from three sides. The height of the closed tent is 250 mm, and it is shaped aerodynamical which enables stable running and reducing additional fuel consumption. 

Additional to the tent you receive a mattress, interior lighting and a charging station. The solid top enables transportation of bicycles or kayaks. The tent measures 2300 mm in length and 1400 mm in width on the outside. The maximal height once the tent is opened is 1450 mm and it weighs 80 kg.


The Alu-Cab 270° Shadow Awning is very easy to handle. To open it you simply unzip the bag, swing the awning around your car and finally fix it to your car. For further stabilisation you fix the middle aluminium arm. After the first few times it will not take you longer than one minute to open or close the awning. After following these steps, you will have 10 square meters of sheltered area without any poles or ropes being in your way. But if the wind grows stronger you have the possibility to put up poles. The awning material is waterproof, rip proof and thanks to its thin aluminium layer it reflects the sun. If you want further protection of the wind, you can buy additional side walls including a door and windows. These walls can be attached to the awning by velcro strip. The length of the closed awning is 2600 mm, and it weighs 27 kg.

Roof Conversions

The roof conversions Icarus for the Land Rover Defender and Hercules for the Toyota HZJ transform your vehicle into a small camper. If the roof is opened, you have a maximum height of 2800 mm standing inside of the vehicle. The sleeping area with a maximum length of 2550 mm can easily be unfolded and reached from inside and outside the car afterwards. The tent material is waterproof and not see through. From the outside you can enter the sleeping area through three entrances that have mosquito nets. The sleeping area is equipped with a mattress and lighting.

For transforming the car, we simply screw off the original roof and exchange it with the new aluminium roof. The design of this roof is inspired by the original roof shape. This transforming process makes it very easy to change the roof back to normal if you wish so. C-rails on the roof make adding accessories simple.

The new roof weighs approximately 130 kg, which means only 70 kg on top of the weight of the original roof.

Khaya Camper

The Khaya Camper is especially made for pickup-vehicles. It is made mainly out of aluminium which leads on the one hand to the comparable light weight of 535 kg and on the other hand to the high stability. The cabin has a length of 2770 mm including the roof extension, a width of 1850mm at the most and a height of 1410 mm, if the roof is closed. Thanks to its small dimensions the camper does not affect the off-road capability of the vehicle. You can put the Khaya Camper on nearly every pickup with a double or extra cabin. The considerate mechanism for installing the cabin makes it easy to put it on or take it off.

The electricity on the inside is powered by an extra battery that is charging with the solar panels on the roof. That enables lighting on the inside and in the compartments on the outside besides the necessary lighting in the back. The auxiliary heating creates comfort even in cold nights. The 100 l water tank provides the outdoor shower as well as the sink with water. C-rails to attach accessories can be found not only on the walkable roof but also on the sides of the camper.

There are two models of Khaya Campers: The Khaya Comfort and the Khaya Family. The Khaya Comfort provides you with a two-person sleeping area in the opened roof. Furthermore, you get a kitchen with a gas hob and a sink, a seating area and lots of storage space. On top of that there are four compartments on the outside, that can be locked. If you choose the Khaya Family, you will get the possibility to build an additional sleeping area in the cabin that provides enough space for two children. That gives you the chance to use the camper with up to four persons.

Big parts of the inside of the camper are covered with nylon-carpet for better insulation and higher comfort. The floor has a layer of resistant vinyl, which makes cleaning easy. Most cupboards can be closed with a door made of tent fabric. This maximizes the storage room and prevents disturbing clatter. Besides that, the tent fabric makes closing the cupboards possible even when you overload the space a bit.

Canopy Camper

The Canopy Camper is the perfect combination of a durable canopy made of aluminium and a spacious rooftop tent that is accessible from the inside. The big rear door and the two side flaps enable you to design the inside of the Canopy Camper however you wish. It can be installed on most of the European pickup-vehicles.

On the outside as well as the inside you will find multiple C-rails which make equipping the camper with accessories simple. The accessories available for the Alu-Cab canopies can be used for the Canopy Camper to a great extent. The big rear door opens to the side and can be locked from the inside as well as the outside. In opposite to many pickup tailgates, the camper door seals itself completely, which prevents dust from getting inside the cabin. There are eight storage bags attached to the door and you can buy a mosquito net if you want to protect the inside of the cabin from insects.

The sleeping area is placed in the opened roof of the camper and can be reached through an opening inside the Canopy Camper as well as through three entrances in the tent from the outside. The sleeping area is 1340 mm wide and has a maximum length of 2530 mm. It can be put up in case you want a higher space in the cabin. A mattress especially made for the dimensions of the sleeping area is included. The material of the tent is waterproof and insensitive to UV radiation. The tent can be locked with two padlocks. Opening it is very easy thanks to the gas pressure springs. After some practice it will not take you longer than one minute to open or close the tent.


There is a wide variety of accessories for canopies, Khaya Camper and Canopy Camper available. It does not matter if you are looking for accessories like gas tank brackets, a jerry can holder or spare wheel brackets to complete the outside of your canopy or if you want to add drawers, cupboards or a fridge slide to the inside, Alu-Cab provides you with all kinds of accessory.

A very special accessory is the Shower Cube. It is compatible with both types of campers, the roof conversions, the rooftop tent and most roof racks. The Shower Cube is made of aluminium and taffeta which makes it especially lightweight. It makes showering and changing in the outdoors easy.