Alu-Cab Kanisterhalter Links/Rechts schwarz

Item No. AC-A-JCH
Dimensions:    550 x 360 x 215 mm   Weight: 3,2 kg   Colour: black  
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The easy to install Jerry can holder is a must for all overlanders. 

Although you may have long range tanks installed having a separate can is, in our opinion, a must have. You just never know when you may be caught in a situation where you need that can of extra fuel. 

Alu-Cab like all its’ products, builds aluminium Jerry can holders. 
The Jerry can holder can be attached to all Alu Cab-Campers and the Canopies in the Adventure version. The holder has been designed in such a way that it can be used for both left and right hand side. As all products from the South African manufacturer, the holder is made of aluminium. 
No canister is included in the delivery. 

 550 x 360 x 215 mm 
Weight: 3,2 kg 
Colour: black