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Ultimate Overland 270° Shadow Awning. Even if out of stock right now, you are welcome to place a reservation by mail.
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The Alu-Cab 270 ° Shadow Awning is stronger, leighter and easier to use than other awnings on the market.
It is so well constructed that it can easily be opened and quickly stored away again.
When opened, the awning covers an area of ​​approx. 10m². It covers  the side and the rear of your car and protects from sun and rain.
When closed, it is 2.60 m long and weighs approx. 27 kg.

Whether you’re exploring the Outback, trekking through Nevada’s Death Valley, or charging red sand dunes in the Kalahari, no camping accessory’s job is more vital than the ability to cast shade. 
For seasoned campers, an awning is very often the first accessory they bolt to their vehicle, knowing that the ability to cast as much shade as possible (in the quickest time) is crucial to overland travel. What you do not want is to be battling with poles, pegs, and guy ropes in blistering midday heat, or when rain is thundering down. 
This is why our globally popular 270º Shadow Awning is designed to open, and setup, all in one. There are no additional steps or poles to pitch; you just unzip the bag and swing the awning through a full 270º. It is so easy; one person can manage it. 
This wrap-around effect means that you get to enjoy 10 square metres of shelter around the full working area of your vehicle, especially where it’s needed – at the rear, where your drawer system, fridge, and supplies are stored. 
The awning features four heavy-duty aluminium arms that span the 270º spread, making the Shadow Awning resistant to inclement weather. If conditions happen to get worse, the awning’s centre arm features a tucked away drop-down pole that can be used to brace the awning for extra support. What´s more, each of the four arms boasts a tie-down strap for really gusty conditions, and you can also equip the awning with our optional Storm Kit (LINK). 
Because we’ve made these extra supports a step-by-step option, you’re saved the time of pitching poles and securing ropes when wind or rain isn’t a problem – perfect for a quick trailside lunch break! Lastly, because the 270º Shadow Awning is made from reflective ripstop material, the awning casts a noticeably lower-shade temperature. 
Without a doubt, the Alu-Cab 270º Shadow Awning is one of our proudest products that’s all out #DesertProof and Africa-proven. 
Scope of supply 
  • Awning (excl. vehicle specific brackets)
  • 1x pole 
  • Cover in black 
  • Set of pegs
  • -> Mounting to the right side of the vehicle
Easy Set-Up 

Alu-Cab supplies several mounting options for the awning. There is a wide range of brackets available, which are not included in the scope of delivery: 
  • Universal brackets
  • Brackets for mounting on Alu-Cab crossbars
  • Brackets for mounting on Front Runner roof rack
  • Brackets for mounting on the Alu-Cab roof tent Expedition 3
  • Mounting brackets for mounting on the Icarus Alu-Cab elevating roof for the Land Rover Defender
  • Brackets for mounting on the Alu-Cab pop-up roof Hercules for the Toyota HZJ
The brackets are supplied for front and rear mounting and are made of stainless steel. 
The mounting can be done very easily also by using own brackets. For this purpose, the stable u-shaped aluminium longitudinal beam of the awning is provided with drill holes at regular intervals. If required, own drillings can be inserted into the longitudinal profile without any problems.  
  • The material is acrylic impregnated, with a heat reflection silver coating on one side. 
  • It has an additional water repellent coating on the surface side, which allows water to bead off of the surface of the material. 
  • Its 315gsm and has a water head of 600mm and is made from a 100% polyester base cloth that is impregnated with an acrylic based resin. 
  • It also has a built in Fungal resistance chemical to prevent mould.


The Alu-Cab 270° awning has three folding arms, which are made of 1.6 mm thick aluminium hollow profile. The rectangular profile provides additional stability without additional weight. A support foot is included in the scope of delivery.  
The hinges to which the folding arms are attached are made of 5 mm thick stainless steel with nylon bearings. 
Side Walls 
With the optional sidewalls  (LINK) the awning can be extended to form a large tentFour side walls (one window each) with mosquito netting on the door and the windows, are attached to the awning with Velcro. Two additional tent poles at the corners ensure that the awning stays savely. 


A rain cover is available for covering the area between the rear of the vehicle and the awning. This is particularly recommended for vehicles with a rear door opening to the side. A channel rail must be attached to the vehicle for installation. The rain cover is then inserted into the channel rail on the awning and vehicle, providing access to the vehicle protected from rain.(LINK)